Saturday, September 5, 2009

Reason for Donating to "I Live Here"

"I came to the "I Live Here" event with a general curiosity to learn more about the organization, and to gain some insight into the stories that moved its founders like Mia into action. Little did I know the impact it would have on me after a few minutes of walking through the display halls, which were plastered with stories that the children wrote in their own handwriting, and the accompanying troubling images that gave us a small glimpse into the sheer solitude, confinement and abandonment that is their everyday experience.  

Immediately, I thought of my family, particularly my parents, who were displaced from Vietnam after the war. I wondered if the lives of these children could have been a parallel fate for my brothers, sisters and I, if my parents had not sacrificed everything to give us a better life. 

I realized then and there that I have lived a selfishly sheltered life, and that at 32 years old, I had not done anything of significance that equates to the veracity and courage that Mia and her partners poured into this grassroots effort: to improve the health/sanitation of the children imprisoned in Malawi, and to inform the world of the atrocities against the refugees in Ingushetia and Burma, and the  ruthless trafficking of young girls in Ciudad Juarez. 

Mia called me to thank me for the donation, and I thought how ironic it was that I was ready to send her an email to thank her for affirming for me that we all can help to change the world if we just start doing something - today. I believe the donation is a small start, but it won't be the end of my involvement in this organization. I have been moved into action for the first time in my adult life...I can't thank "I Live Here" enough." 

- Madison H. Le


  1. Beautiful and moving...Thank you for sharing this...Lori

  2. Thanks, Madison for sharing your thoughts and experience... I wasn't at the event due to geographical reasons. However, the effect of the whole I Live Here project on me is similar to what you've described. Mia is my age and I'm humbled by what she's doing. A donation is just a small and certainly the first step for me, as well.

  3. The book is not available in our local bookstore so am asking a friend who's in DC now if she can checkout the nearest bookshop and be kind enough to buy one for me.

  4. Hello I am from brazil.Not speak English, but I'm torn over translation, but I was impressed with the stories, I Felecity by having people in the alertt nos.kiss the work of you.

  5. it wouldnt take much for any of us to end up being displaced - some it works out for the best, and others are pushed and pulled into a very unknown..like forces guiding us to the brink of unbeing.

    those forces, I believe, are about disconnection.

    the world moves so fast - disconnection has been the driving force for change to move fast...

    if we just slow down and listen..

    Thank you Madison - I wish I could have went and experienced the event..